Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blog of Note

Jon Scieszka (SHEH-ska) was born September 8, 1954; he is the author of many hilarious children's books.  In  2008, Jon was named the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature.

His blog, Jon Scieszka Worldwide http://www.jsworldwide.com/ , covers every imaginable topic realted to Jon Scieszka, including news about his books, Frequently Asked Questions, his touring schedule and his personal history, all reported with great humor.
 Well known for his fractured fairy tales (The Frog Prince, Continued, The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, and The Stinky Cheese Man and Fairly Stupid Tales), Jon has developed a devoted fan base that ranges from middle-grade readers (The Time Warp Trio) down to the pre-school set (Trucktown). His Guys Read website http://www.guysread.com/ addresses the specific needs of boy readers, a group that could benefit from a little attention now and then.  His mission is to help boys become self-motivated, lifelong readers.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Jon Scieszka - Exclusive Video Interview


Stockholm: Junibacken

Junibacken is a children’s museum devoted to Swedish children’s literature, featuring Astrid Lindgren, author of the Pippi Longstocking books.  The museum includes a theater, restaurant and the largest children’s bookstore in Sweden.  http://www.junibacken.se/lang/english

Galarvarvsvagen Stockholm 115 21
46 8 587 230 00

2007 Harry Potter Night at the Wellesley Free Library

Friday, August 19, 2011

Anita Silvey talks about Wemberly Worried!

For some children, the end of August means preparing to go to school for the very first time. For them August has been designated Get Ready for Kindergarten Month. If you are hunting for a book that might help the very young overcome some of their anxieties about school, today we’ll look at Kevin Henkes’s Wemberly Worried and tomorrow, Antoinette Portis’s Kindergarten Diary.
First published in 2000, Wemberly Worried appears to be one of the many Kevin Henkes titles headed for classic status. As a young artist, Kevin got a head start on creating books for children. He always knew he wanted to write and illustrate books, and he got his foot in the door of a publisher when he was nineteen. Since then, he has crafted one fabulous book after another.
Although Kevin is now married with children of his own, he is one of those gifted creators who has never forgotten what it feels like to be small and young and vulnerable. His books always have a truth to the way children think and feel.
In our book of the day, Kevin opens the story with these words: “Wemberly worried about everything.” And readers get to see all the things that concern our mouse heroine—such as shrinking in the bathtub. Although everyone in her family tries to tell her not to worry—including her pretty hip grandma mouse sporting a “Go with the Flow” T-shirt—Wemberly just can’t help the thoughts that go through her mind. The radiator might contain a snake; a tree might fall on their house. So when school looms, she worries about the beginning of school. On a two-page spread her worries are even listed in large type: a mean teacher, a smelly room, finding the bathroom.
But of course, in Kevin Henkes’s universe, everything turns out for the best. Wemberly finds a friend and discovers that her teacher, Mrs. Peachum, may not be so bad. By the end of the first day, she jauntily walks out of the room, telling everyone she’ll return. “I will,” she says. “Don’t worry.”
By creating a character full of neuroses, Kevin Henkes allows children to laugh at their own fears and feel that, in the end, going to school might just not be so bad after all.
So to relieve your children’s anxiety—and your own—about the beginning of a new school year, pick up Wemberly Worried. I should probably read it to my graduate students on the first day of class—it applies equally to them.
Here’s a page from Wemberly Worried:


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Because even dogs have birthdays...

We had a lovely birthday party for Mariah tonight!  Mariah is one of our Read to a Dog hostesses and turned 11 today.  Please check our calendar http://www.libraryinsight.com/calendarkids.asp?jx=ji for upcoming Read to a Dog events this fall!

E.B. White Award for Picture Books

WINNER: The 2010 E.B. White Award for Picture Books

The Curious Garden
by Peter Brown
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Price: $16.99 HC
Pub date: 4/09
While out exploring one day, a little boy named Liam discovers a struggling garden and decides to take care of it. As time passes, the garden spreads throughout the dark, gray city, transforming it into a lush, green world. One boy’s quest for a greener world… one garden at a time.
The committee said: “One of those books that shows what effect one person can have. The art and language works together beautifully; it’s inspiring, but not at all preachy. Bravo!”

Peter Brown will be visiting the Wellesley Free Library in September; stay tuned for details!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow may have gone off the air in 2006, but we have DVDs in the children's room; come in and check one out!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Along a Long Road by Frank Viva --- anxiously awaited!!

Follow that road!

Speed off on an eventful bicycle ride along the bold yellow road that cuts through town, by the sea, and through the country. Ride up and around, along and through, out and down.

Frank's striking graphic style is executed in just five joyous colors, and his spare, rhythmic language is infectious.

Hit a bump?
Get back on track!
Reach the end?
Start again!

Frank Viva is an illustrator and graphic designer who has won more than 300 awards. His illustrations have appeared in Time, Esquire, the New York Times, the Boston Globe ­and on the cover of the New Yorker. A past president of The Advertising & Design Club of Canada, he is passionate about cooking, wine, and his daily bike ride to the office. This is his first children's picture book.

Quote of the day...

"It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer."

Friday, August 12, 2011

Under One Sky-A Multicultural Celebration with Davis Bates & Roger Tincknell

Changes in our collection...

Easy 1 and Easy 2 picture books are now united in one wonderful collection!  Shelved alphabetically by the author's last name, the picture book collection is one of the jewels in the children's room; come in and explore!

Young Scientists Program August 4, 2011

A recent Young Scientists program at the Hills Branch; reptiles were presented by the Museum of Science!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Book Group This Fall!

Chick Chat is a book group for young adults in grades 6,7, and 8. While the group focuses primarily on “chick lit,” the group is open to everyone. Light refreshments will be served. We hope to see you there!

Chick Chat's first title will be Bras and Broomsticks by Sarah Mlynowski. Living in New York City with her mother and her younger sister, Miri, fourteen-year-old Rachel tries to persuade Miri, who has recently become a witch, to help her become popular at school and to try to stop their divorced father's wedding.

Chick Chat's first meeting will be on Saturday, September 17th at 3 p.m. in the Quigley Youth Room.  For more information or to pick up a copy of the book, stop by the children's room or call 781-235-1610.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More about Mo

"My work in children’s books, animation, television, theater, and bubble gum card painting have garnered 3 Caldecott Honors, 2 Geisel Medals, a Geisel Honor, 2 Carnegie Medals, 6 Emmys, and multiple bubble gum cards."

To look at the doodles of Mo Willems and much, much more:

Are you a Mo Willems fan?

Reaching an almost cult-like status, Mo Willems has made an enormous impact in the world of children's literature in recent years.  His Knuffle Bunny series is so popular at the Wellesley Free Library that patrons are unlikely to find an available copy on the shelf, and his Elephant and Piggie beginning reader series is gobbled down in huge greedy mouthfuls by happy families, to the point where we are finding that over 7 copies of each title is not enough to satiate rabid fans.  And let's not forget the Pigeon!  His sarcasm and dry wit has won over millions; follow him on Twitter @The_Pigeon

For more on Mo Willems go to:

Anita Silvey's Book-a-Day Almanac

Daily children’s book recommendations and events from Anita Silvey.
Discover the stories behind the children’s book classics . . .
The new books on their way to becoming classics . . .
And events from the world of children’s books—and the world at large.

Anita Silvey has been the editor of The Horn Book review journal and the publisher of children’s books at Houghton Mifflin. She estimates that she’s read about 125,000 kids books over the past 40 years. When she’s not reading, she teaches courses in children’s literature, writes nonfiction, and travels all over the country talking to parents, teachers, and librarians about the best books for kids. Visit her at anitasilvey.com.