Thursday, June 17, 2010

13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison

Tanya is being bullied by fairies that only she can see.  Far from being sympathetic, her irritated mom sends her to live with a cranky grandmother in a dark and gloomy English manor house. Tanya is warned against entering the equally gloomy forest that surrounds the house, but  of course, she has to enter the forest . . . where she encounters Fabian (the caretaker's son), a long dead ghostly girl, and even more fairies; who all seem to know who she is -- even though she can't tell a goblin from a pixie. This is one of those atmospheric, gothic fantasy stories that make you want to curl up, read, and let the whole world disappear.  Originally published in England, this book won the independent bookseller's Waterstone award for children's books, and will most likely show up on many 2010 best-of-year lists, an honor that this absorbing modern-day fairy tale well deserves.
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