Friday, November 4, 2011

Iron Chef with the Youth Advisory Board!

Our second annual Iron Chef competition with the Youth Advisory Board was held last night and was an unquestionable success!  Three teams competed for prizes in two categories: best-looking creation and best-tatsing creation.  The teams were limited in the colors of the foods that they could use to create their dishes --- one team was limited to shades of pink and red, another could utilize only orange, and the third team was challenged with the assignment of green foods.  Celebrity judges were on hand, including Meg Davis from the Wellesley Middle School. 

The Volcano, created by the orange team!

Inspired by an Alaskan cabin in the woods, a red team submission.

The brilliance of the green team is evident in this womb-like dish...
The orange team!

The pink team!

The green team!

Rule #1 in Iron Chef: Always know where your retainer is!

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