Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our new favorite book!

"Rarely does a debut so justly and eloquently lay down its claim to be a classic; Archie is a comic masterpiece. Gloriously understated and beautifully drawn, it wins on every score"
- Alexander Armstrong (Armstrong and Miller)
"I love Archie! He made me laugh out loud."
- Fern Britton

"Witty, fantastical, totally loveable with a very loyal ending"
- Clarissa Dickson Wright
Meet Archie: Designer. Fashionista. Dog. Archie leads a quiet life with his faithful pet. That is, until he gets a sewing machine and his creativity starts to run wild. It's not long before Archie's nimbleness with a needle catches the attention of his friends and fellow dog walkers. Soon, the entire city is straining at the leash for one of his couture concoctions... including a queen and her two very royal corgis. This enchanting, nearly wordless picture book about following your dreams wherever they may lead will inspire and delight readers of all ages.

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