Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Apps for kids @ the WFL

Our new FAQ about Apps for Children at the Library:

Why have apps at the library?

• Part of Wellesley Free Library’s mission is to provide free and convenient access to information through books, media, technology, and innovative

• Touchscreen technology and apps are becoming commonplace in schools and the workplace.

• The Library is an appropriate place to give children opportunities to build digital literacy skills.

• At WFL, we promote technology that is educational, interactive, and engaging. We encourage parents to use technology together with their children.

• Each family and child has individual needs. The decision of how and whether to use the touchscreens is yours. We are happy to provide recommendations and advice.

What resources do you provide to build digital literacy?

Storytime 2.0 integrates apps and e-books into a story-time for children ages 3-6 with a caregiver. We are proud that our Storytime 2.0 program has been recommended by the Massachusetts Library System as a model for other libraries. Check our website for upcoming dates: www.wellesleyfreelibrary.org.

Raising “App-y” Readers and Learners Presentations for parents on using technology with children. Check our website for upcoming dates www.wellesleyfreelibrary.org.

Wall-mounted iPads in the main Library’s Children’s Room. One app per week promotes early literacy skills and general learning. Each app has been selected and recommended by WFL Children’s Librarians.

Themed lists of recommended apps. Visit our apps page, and find additional research and resources at www.wellesleyfreelibrary.org/childrens/apps.html

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