Monday, December 19, 2011

Dicey et al

A journey, survival, sticking together; these are all words that come to mind when one thinks about Cynthia Voigt's 1981 children's novel, Homecoming.  It's impossible not to get drawn in as the Tillerman children realize that they have been abandoned by their mentally ill mother in a mall parking lot in Connecticut and decide what their next move will be.  Lead by 13 year old Dicey, the four children travel by foot, sleep outdoors and scramble to get food in their bellies as they journey to Bridgeport to find their Aunt Cilla.  Dicey is nothing if not resourceful, and her perserverance and loyalty to her siblings is remarkable.  The second book in the Tilerman saga, titled Dicey's Song delivers more of the same, with a carefully crafted plot and skillful character development.  If you enjoy the feeling of cheering silently inside for a protagonist as you read a book, you will find these two Cynthia Voigt offerings more than satisfying.

"A glowing book...An enthralling journey to a gratifying end."THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW

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