Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Boy, do we love Cece Bell!

Books by Cece Bell

Bee-Wigged (Candlewick Press, 2008) is my favorite book of all the ones that I’ve published. In a crazy way, it is autobiographical, because, like Jerry Bee, I am a wig-wearing child-sized bee who tries to radiate positive energy whenever possible.

See the resemblance?
This book has a twist! And who doesn’t love a book with a twist?
The illustrations for this book were done using acrylics, and lots and lots of hand-cut stencils, and then everything was outlined in black ink. Work, work, work. Whew. But fun.

Lots and lots of hand-cut stencils headed to the dump!
Here’s what Kirkus had to say:
The daffy winsomeness of Bell’s art is given aesthetic heft by her gorgeous use of color, bold outlines containing saturated blues, greens and, of course, bumblebee-yellows. Is Jerry a little too cute to serve as a vehicle to combat prejudice? Hardly—no one’s about to kill this messenger.
Not too shabby!

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