Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mouse-o!


From Booklist

On the fifth of May, Mouse wakes to the smell of delicious foods and follows his nose until he discovers a festive scene: bright flags, children playing, mariachis, and people shouting, “Viva Mexico!” After being stalked by a cat and nearly trampled by enthusiastic children, Mouse still ends the day triumphantly, having experienced the fun of Cinco de Mayo. A brief introductory note explains the significance of the holiday, but Cox focuses on the day’s celebratory activities, illustrated in Ebbeler’s exuberant pictures. Another winner from the team behind One Is a Feast for Mouse (2008). Grades K-2. --Kara Dean


From School Library Journal

Kindergarten-Grade 2—First challenged by Cat in One Is a Feast for Mouse: A Thanksgiving Tale (Holiday House, 2008), Mouse wakes up to a spicy adventure on May 5th, teased with tantalizing, nose-twitching aromas from his neighborhood Cinco de Mayo festival. A palette of pastels and acrylic paint details Mouse's innocent stroll (relentlessly stalked by careful Cat on the prowl) to the park until sights and sounds confront him with the reflection of his heart's desire—an enormous tree-hung, candy-stuffed piñata. Ebbeler places readers up close and personal with a spread of the mouse viewing an elusive piñata, followed by a sombrero-seat view of the mariachi band, twirling skirts, and stamping heels. Visuals from unusual perspectives propel the action, while text and art on other pages reveal quieter "mouse" emotions. With a tightrope-balanced Mouse and a wild ride atop the burro piñata, this action-packed tale combines Mexican tradition with adventure for young readers.—Mary Elam, Learning Media Services Plano ISD, TX

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