Monday, May 21, 2012

M.B. Goffstein

Across the Sea

“The singular charm of Goffstein’s . . . stories and drawings makes her one of the few modern author-illustrators who are assured classic status.”Publishers Weekly

“Goffstein is a minimalist, but her text and pictures carry the same emotional freight as William Blake’s admonishment to see the world in a grain of sand and eternity in an hour.”

“M.B. Goffstein is one of the finest illustrator/writers of our time. Like porcelain there is more to her work than meets the eye. Beneath the delicacy and fragility is a core of astounding strength.”
Washington Post Book World

“A book by M.B. Goffstein is a beautifully simple and simply beautiful thing.”The New York Times Book Review
American editions:
The Gats!, Pantheon, 1966
Sleepy People, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1966; revised edition, 1969
Brookie and Her Lamb, FSG, 1967; revised edition, 1981
Across the Sea, FSG, 1968
Goldie the Dollmaker, FSG, 1969; paperback edition, FSG, 1985; new paperback edition, FSG, 1997
Two Piano Tuners, FSG, 1970
The Underside of the Leaf, novel, FSG, 1972; paperback edition, Dell, 1974
A Little Schubert, Harper & Row, 1972; revised edition, hardcover and paperback, David R. Godine, 1984
Me and My Captain, FSG, 1974
Daisy Summerfield's Style, novel, Delacorte, 1975; paperback edition, Dell, 1979
Fish for Supper, Dial, 1976; paperback edition, Dial, 1986
My Crazy Sister, Dial, 1976
Family Scrapbook, FSG, 1978
My Noah's Ark, Harper & Row, 1978
The First Books, trade paperback collection, includes: The Gats!, Sleepy People, Brookie and Her Lamb, Across the Sea, Goldie the Dollmaker, and Me and My Captain, Avon, 1979
Natural History, FSG, 1979
Neighbors, Harper, 1979
An Artist, Harper, 1980
Laughing Latkes, FSG, 1980
Lives of the Artists, biographies of five artists: Rembrandt, Guardi, Van Gogh, Bonnard, and Nevelson, FSG, 1981
A Writer, Harper, 1984
An Artists Album, biographies of five artists: Vermeer, Boudin, the Woodland Indians, Cézanne, and Monet, Harper, 1985
My Editor, FSG, 1985
School of Names, Harper, 1986
Our Snowman, Harper, 1986
Your Lone Journey, a song by Rosalie and Doc Watson, Harper, 1986
Artists' Helpers Enjoy the Evenings, Harper, 1987

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